Access Flooring

Access Flooring

Floors that Sweep You Off Your Feet

The phrase “floating floors” might make you think of flying carpets or hover boards. And for modern offices, they’re just about as cool.

The Bledsoe Group takes pride in keeping up-to-date with construction trends and improvements. With our Access Flooring service, you can get flooring that accommodates your wiring needs.

Benefits of Bledsoe’s Access Flooring Service

The flooring’s user-friendly and dependable. Once you have it in place, you can trust that you have solid grounding for your daily tasks.

Access flooring panels are supported by steel pedestals that can hold up as much as 1 ½ tons. Lines and cables go under the flooring in distribution boxes.

Bledsoe can handle access floor jobs of virtually any size. We understand the specific flooring needs for:

Clean Rooms

When designing flooring for clean rooms, we pay attention to issues like:

  • Structure
  • Conductivity
  • Airflow
  • Contamination control

Equipment Rooms

We can design and install panel floors for a wide variety of equipment rooms, including:

  • Internet server rooms
  • Emergency response centers
  • Communications switchgear stations


Bledsoe can design floors to meet your office’s needs for:

  • HVAC
  • Power lines
  • Phone lines
  • Data lines

All of Bledsoe’s flooring work is fully warranted. We’ve installed custom floor systems for major businesses and organizations across the Northwestern US, including:

  • Micron Technology
  • HP
  • State of Idaho

Bledsoe’s Other Services

Bledsoe has the resources and manpower to do many other types of construction jobs. See the following pages for info on our other services:

Cabinets & Millwork

Engineered Fabric Structures

Contract Labor

Tenant Improvements

To ask us how our Access Flooring service can meet your wiring needs,